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Has life become a bit dull? What are you waiting for to start living the life of your dreams?

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Destination Happiness

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Remember when life seemed so bright and contained endless possibilities? There was a time when we believed we could do anything! It’s so wonderful to talk to a child. I was on the tennis court with a 5 year old who could barely get the ball over the net and she was so proud of herself. She told me “I’m so awesome at this!” and she was so right. We were that way once. What happened to that joy, excitement, confidence…the HAPPINESS?

As we grew up we started listening to the voices that came at us and then it began to talk to us in our head – that we can’t, that this is all there is.  Where did that childhood wonder go?  We let that voice tell us that we weren’t “awesome”, that life was “hard” and we had to “work."  That’s when life started to become dreary – we began to blend in the sea of shades of gray and black.  Now don’t get me wrong -  I love gray and black but put it up against a vibrant blue, red or pink and it stands out even more.  Let’s add that color back into our life.  There is something buried that adds excitement into your life.

Come along and let’s find the color and joy in your life.  What’s your passion?  Is it travel, gathering with those you love, learning a new skill?  Let’s make that bold choice to create a beautiful life. Don’t wait another day to live the life of your dreams!!!!

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Are you happy?  Do you wake up in the morning thinking this is going to be an amazing day? When I speak to a group I ask this question and most admit they’re not truly happy, they’re looking for more.  So why aren’t we happy? We have plenty of food, as a matter of fact some of us think we need a bit less food and need to lose some weight.  Look at the language we use – we “have” to go to “work”, to the store, to a social engagement.  Where did that excitement we felt as a child go? Remember when life was an adventure? We took pleasure in simple things – going to the park, to the corner store for candy, we built forts and won battles – where did that wonder go?  Let’s celebrate you!  Don’t let those voices in your head win.  You can do this!!!!

Let’s Make Bold Choices for a Beautiful Life!

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About Life Coach Monica Maloney Heidler

I feel so honored that you’re here.  Seeing others and helping them live a vibrant exciting life is my purpose.  I’ve always been one to find joy is giving – early on I found the old saying is true “It’s better to give than receive”.  One magical day I attended an event held by a life coach and my life changed. It took a while to really dial down into the realization that this was my calling.   First I started “Monica’s Table” as a blog and resource for gathering. It’s a wonderful concept that is still going strong but I realized there’s more to it. I looked at myself and saw that life was getting a bit dull, stuck in a routine and found so many others that were the same.  One of my mentors showed me how important it was to have a vision – to reach out 3 to 5 years and design what I wanted life to look like.  That changed the way I look at things.  The past is passed – let’s control what we can. It's so much better when we add color, excitement and all kinds of things to life.  Don’t wait – there is no time like now to live the life you once dreamed about.  So let’s go and reach for it: Destination Happiness!

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Has life lost its luster over the years? What is it about our culture that tends to go to the negative? I’m always amazed when I go to Italy my friends are always happy and smiling. It’s infectious….they enjoy going to work, to the store, they revel in creating meals for those they love – it’s a totally different attitude. It’s a feeling we travel to capture – to sit around the table for hours, to eat amazing food, to stroll around the piazza and visit with friends. You’re invited to come along with me. Let’s create a bit of joy here, in our own lives.

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Life coaching can...

  • Enable you to organize your life in a way to reduce clutter and distractions.
  • Create personal goals and the accountability to achieve them.
  • Find balance in your diet that will add energy to your day.
  • Build stronger relationships with those you love and leave the toxic relationships behind.
  • Add Joy to your life by learning to appreciate and be grateful in the life you create.
  • Dust off that dream you’ve repressed and build a live you love!

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"I’ve so enjoyed my coaching with Monica.  Working with her is such a pleasure! She’s clear, professional, and precise in helping me rekindle my dreams and visions then to go after them. Having her support to clarify the issue and then design an action plan has made such a difference in my life."

~ Janet H.

“Monica & I have been friends for years and just being around her brightened my life.   Thank goodness she found her calling and became a coach.  She’s amazing!  When I felt like I was floundering, that my life wasn’t my own she helped me so much.  Working with the powerful questions has really given me the clarity to find what really matters in my life.  I’m in on the next trip to Italy!”

~ Kim V.

“Wow – I never realized how routine my life was until it became bigger and brighter.  Monica  has been so helpful in revamping my thinking, my wardrobe and creating my vision. Now I’m a bigger, bolder and better version of myself.  It feels amazing.  Thanks Monica!”

~ Laure D.

“Monica has a great energy and enthusiasm for coaching. I really enjoyed her approach in guiding me through challenges. She helped me embrace the new levels of awareness during our coaching sessions and it helped me to make such progress toward my goals. The evolution of thought and growth was incredible!”

~ Kitty D.