About Life Coach Monica Maloney Heidler

I feel so honored that you’re here.  Seeing others and helping them live a vibrant exciting life is my purpose.  I’ve always been one to find joy is giving – early on I found the old saying is true “It’s better to give than receive”.  One magical day I attended an event held by a life coach and my life changed. It took a while to really dial down into the realization that this was my calling.   First I started “Monica’s Table” as a blog and resource for gathering. It’s a wonderful concept that is still going strong but I realized there’s more to it. I looked at myself and saw that life was getting a bit dull, stuck in a routine and found so many others that were the same.  One of my mentors showed me how important it was to have a vision – to reach out 3 to 5 years and design what I wanted life to look like.  That changed the way I look at things.  The past is passed – let’s control what we can. It's so much better when we add color, excitement and all kinds of things to life.  Don’t wait – there is no time like now to live the life you once dreamed about.  So let’s go and reach for it: Destination Happiness!

monica maloney heidler